Sonic sampling can give a very high quality sample in soft formations and uses high frequency vibration (50-180hz) which causes liquefaction of the material, up to 0.5mm-1mm around the drill string allowing it to pass quickly through any soft formation to great depths and retrieve exceptional samples, which can be pumped out into plastic bagging or a sample tray for sampling
The unit can be used on various bases and can be removed from its track base and placed on the boom of a loadall machine with the power pack in a trailer or can be craned onto a pontoon to work over water sample quality in very soft strata is where the unit really excels
Our machine also has a planetary gearbox that can be mounted on the rig to give it rotary capabilities instead of Sonic

Fully Interlocking guard.
Achievable Depth’s
Drilling depth’s for this machine vary depending on Geology but we have used it to sample sediments to 20m.
The rig stats for access:

  • Weight = 8 tons
  • Width = 2.3m
  • Access Height = 2.3m
  • Working Height= 3.8 m

Drilling Methods Available
Sonic Drilling

  • The unit can sample sands/gravels/alluvium/soft clays and chalk up to and over 30m

Once drilling is complete in a size and method agreed the created bore can simply be backfilled or installed with a vast array of ground monitoring instruments as required.
Solid/Hollow Stem Auger
Auger to depths of 10m dependant on geology.