Dynamic sampling rigs are a very useful tool for quick shallow unconsolidated ground investigations on these small track bases they can generally access any site where shallow soft soil sampling is required, the rigs are petrol & diesel powered

Safety guards can be placed on each machine during concrete cutting, engine cut off switches exist on on these small machines
Achievable Depth’s
Drilling depth’s for this machine vary depending on Geology but is generally used for overburden sampling of unconsolidated material generally to depth’s of 6m but can with time achieve greater depth’s and have been use to 15m
The rig stats for access:

  • Weight = 0.95 tons
  • Width = 0.740m
  • Height Mast Down = 1.1m
  • Operational Height is adjustable with standard equipment @ 1m = 2.7m  & Short equipment @ 0.5m = 2.3m

Drilling Methods Available
Surface Concrete Removal
A coring attachment can be added to the machine to facilitate concrete coring at 127-150mm diameter
Percussive / Window sampling:
The rig has percussive hammer attached which allows it to drive in linered window sample barrels to recover undisturbed environmental or geotechnical samples
Duplex Casing Systems
A duplex casing system can be used which is driven in consecutively during sampling to case off unstable ground
In situ Testing
The unit can achieve in-situ SPT’s / CPT’s and undisturbed samples
Dynamic Probing
Dynamic probes can be taken to refusal using either using Heavy or super heavy methods
Once drilling is complete in a size and method agreed the created bore can simply be backfilled or installed with a vast array of ground monitoring instruments as required.