Sometimes it is necessary to access remote locations where conventional window sample rigs are unable to access, to achieve this we have a hand held window sample system.
Conventional barrels or window type barrels are driven in using a hand held hydraulic breaker, Hydraulic rams are then used to remove the barrel allow the recovery of samples at shallow depths.
Achievable Depth’s
Drilling depth’s for this type of method vary greatly dependent on Geology but is generally used for overburden sampling of unconsolidated material generally to depth’s of 3-4m but can achieve greater depth’s in soft geology

Drilling Methods Available
Percussive / Window sampling:
The rig has percussive hammer attached which allows it to drive in linered window sample barrels to recover undisturbed environmental or geotechnical samples
Duplex Casing Systems
It is possible to case off very soft material using a hand held system but the casing depths are very limited.
Once drilling is complete in a size and method agreed the created bore can simply be backfilled or installed with a vast array of ground monitoring instruments as required.