This is a unit that was developed from an existing rotary rig, so combines a powerful direct push system with all the functionality of a compact rotary rig.
This unit was made to be a fully self contained remediation unit and incorporates a built in DP800 pump and a towable mixing tub which makes it a unique t rig for Tor Drilling.
A fully interlocking guard is in place when using rotation.

Achievable Depth’s
Drilling depth’s for this machine vary depending on Geology but is generally used for driving injection rods up to 15m

The rig stats for access:

  • Weight =
  • Width =
  • Height Mast Down =
  • Operational Height

Methods Available

Surface Concrete Removal
A DTH hammer can be attached to the machine to remove concrete

Direct Push Injection
This unit can drive injection rods to 15m +

Auger Drilling:
Solid stem and Hollow stem augers (sometimes called cased auger) can be used on this machine up to 200mm OD

Drilling & Casing
Various size odex or symetrix duel drill & case systems can be used on this rig up to a maximum 200mm diameter, these systems are used widely to case of all types of unstable overburden to enable access to lower more competent strata formations whether for environmental or geotechnical site work

In situ Testing
The unit can achieve in-situ SPT’s / CPT’s and undisturbed samples making use of it onboard winch to operate hammers and sampling equipment

Once drilling is complete in a size and method agreed the created bore can simply be backfilled or installed with a vast array of ground monitoring instruments as required.h<