Pre-Well injection can utilize any existing monitor wells that may already be present on site or it might be cost effective to drill specific injection wells, which is especially useful if there are multiple rounds of injection.
We have a wide range of equipment that enables us to inject product down various diameter pipe.
Injection Cap
For wells up to 50mm we have injection caps that can thread straight onto standpipes to enable us to pump products down the standpipe.
We have inflatable packers that can be used form 50mm up to 200mm standpipes. The packer are lowered into the borehole and inflated with water which seals off the borehole and we are able to pump product into the ground.
Double Packer
It is possible to use 2 x packers together to target a specific injection zone. The packers are lowered to the required depth and both inflated which seals above and below the specific injection zone. The product is pumped down the packers and into the target zone.