The Stainless Steel System has been developed by Tor Drilling to enable us to mix and pump more aggressive remediation products. The system has been designed to work with compressed air to mix and pump any products. The system can be used with any of our direct push rigs or used with pre-well injections. The whole system can be mounted on a large trailer to easily move between locations.
The tanks connect to air driven pumps which have batching systems that allow a stroke count to be set and will automatically stop pumping after the set count is reached, they also have blow back lines and pressure relief valves in place on each tank to allow us to set a maximum injection pressure which allows us to maintain a set constant pressure to ground and avoid over pressuring or fracturing the ground which can lead to creating pathways.
This system is particularly useful for more complicated materials that require a maintained separation.
These types of product are pumped to the well head via fully separated colour coded lines. A specially designed stainless steel – self tapping injection cap allows the compounds to pass through the head separated and down the well in colour coded lines to below the water table where the compounds are finally allowed to mix or activate