The JZ 70 Excavator is a good size machine with the proven reliability of JCB, with rubber tracks the unit causes little damage wherever we need to access

Depending on what unit is attached the JZ has been adapted to incorporate safety system which can be linked to our drill rigs
Achievable Depth’s

  • Dynamic Sampling Attachment

Drilling depth’s for this machine vary depending on Geology but is generally used for overburden sampling of unconsolidated material generally to depths of 6m but can with time achieve greater depth’s and have been use to 15m

  • Direct Push Bio

The direct push rigs have been used to 20m

  • Hydro Bore Auger Attachment

The hydro bore auger unit can drill up to 15m depending on the auger size in use
The rig stats for access:

  • Weight = 7-8 tons depending on attachment
  • Width = 2.3m
  • Mast reach 4m up or down slope

Drilling Methods Available
As a more none standard unit the JZ has a selection of systems and abilities to include:

  • Trial pitting & trenching
  • Dynamic sampling
  • Auger & DTH  drilling
  • Direct push injection

So please contact Tor with a job spech