Tor Drilling has now completed a number of projects whilst working over water using a wide range of our rigs and pontoon systems.
We have worked over water with our window sampler, Comacchio rigs and even our Sonic rig has been used to successfully sample over 40m of sediment which can be seen in the pictures to the right.
Tor Drilling has its own modular pontoon system which has been used successfully on a variety of projects, including coring of bridge structures to canal and river bed sampling. A video can be seen of the pontoon being utilized in a video on the top right of this page.
We are able to mount various pieces of equipment on our pontoon system including our window sampler or hand coring equipment. The pontoon can be fitted with an outboard motor to move between sample locations.
For safety we have RYA powerboat level 2 trained employees to assist in our safety vessel.
As well as our own Pontoon we have worked closely with suppliers of various types of pontoon and jack up systems to enable us to source equipment for any type of over water work and have recently completed some rotary drilling on a jack up in the Falklands.
If you would like any more information about over water work then please contact us in the office.