This T41 is the latest generation machine with the latest tier 4 engine giving it additional power for deeper bores, Tor specified a larger than normal set of jaws (278mm) on the machine to allow the rig to offer a wider range of drilling methods and sizes.


As with all of Tor Drillings rigs the unit has a full interlocking safety guard system including kill switches the rig will have a Chalwyn valve and spark arrestor fitted as standard with all Tor Drilling Machines.

Achievable Depth’s

Drilling depths for this machine vary depending on Geology, bore diameter and the method in use, the unit can be used to drill bores of up to 100m in most ground conditions but can be used to core or open hole rock to greater depth’s.

The rig stats for access:

Weight = 5.25 tons   /   Access Width = 2m   /   Access Height Mast Down = 2.2m /   Operational Height 7.75m a 1.4m section can be removed to drop mast height down.

Drilling Methods

Concrete Coring – ROCC unit to 350mm

Odex or Symmetrix drilling and casing

Standard Casing systems

Wireline drilling Geo bore S

Solid Stem auguring

Hollow stem auguring

Window sampling

Conventional coring

DTH work

Probe drilling

And so much more with its 325mm wide opening jaws and 6 tons pull back all packaged on a small machine

In situ Testing

In-situ SPT’s / CPT’s U70, U100

Installations of any required monitoring

All types of flushes can be utilised


The rig can drill directionally to

45 degrees