The Fraste SLG is one of the latest compact multi-function rotary rigs to be developed, the unit is designed specifically for geo-environmental drilling. The rig is ideal where access is limited as it can fit through a gap of 1m.

The rig is also perfect to fit on our slope climing unit for those diffictult to access jobs.


Safety cage, kill switches, Chalwyn valve, spark arrestor

Achievable Depth’s

Drilling depths of up to 30m in most ground conditions but can be used to core or open hole rock to greater depth’s.

The rig stats for access:

Weight = 2.25 tons – Access Width = 1.0m – Access Height = 2.2m – Working Height = 3.9m   Height Water Flushing = 4.0m

Surface Concrete Removal

A ROCC attachment can be used to core hard standing in 200-350mm

Percussive / Window sampling:

The Krupp hammer allows window sampling & U 70/100 samples

Auger Drilling:     Solid stem and Hollow stem augers

Rotary Coring      Rotary coring of hard rock formations

Wire Line Coring Geo Bore S

Drilling & Casing Various size odex or Symmetrix duel drill & case systems can be used on this rig up to a maximum 200mm diameter

In situ Testing SPT’s / CPT’s and undisturbed samples

Installations Can be achieved to suit what is required

Flush Media

Air, Air mist or Water, Mud’s and Polymer flushes can also be used