This unit has been developed by Tor Drilling to allow access to slopes with a rig of the client’s choice.
The unit can be used as a simple personnel carrier to allow safe access and egress for staff on site or allow a rig to be carried up a steep slope to level ground above or below where sloping ground causes an access issue. It can also be used on the slope with a rig onboard.
To assist the unit in accessing steep slopes the tracks (rubber) can have track cleats attached more than doubling grip, it also has two winches to the front corners and once on location has a blade to the rear to prevent slip back.
The unit has been built to facilitate various rigs which are simply tracked onto or placed and secured on the base unit, these include: Dynamic samplers – Compact Rotary rigs – Compact Sonic – Direct Push etc or the unit can be simply used as a pedestrian unit to safely move people and equipment up and down steep slopes.
It can traverse an tilt to 45 degrees and the onboard double winches can be attached to installed points up slope if the ground is particularly slippery allowing the unit to track and winch, a double speed function exists to speed up tracking to the work site and once in position a drop down working platform is lowered to create a 2m working area in front of the rig.
Drilling casing can be carried on the machine in a vertical position along both sides along with drill rods which thread on to base threads to secure safely onboard.
With its ability to have the rig or equipment you choose attached the unit offers unprecedented versatility on any site and the wide tracks over 3m long and 500mm wide give low ground baring pressure and amazing grip.


Safety lock out guards built onto the unit are plugged into the machine being carried making the operational end of any rig safe for all crew

Achievable Carry and tilt weight

Base unit = 5 tons
Rig attached to the unit & kit to be added with a maximum load of 10 tons
The rig stats for access:

  • Base Unit Weight = TBC
  • Width = 2.6m
  • Height Mast Down = variable depending on rig attached
  • Operational Height = variable depending on rig attached

Drilling Methods Available

You choose!!