Tor Drilling Utilities based in the South West, UK can offer a precise full Underground Utility and Land Survey. We operate and are able to locate all underground services with the highest quality kit that is available on the market today.
We can provide a complete drainage survey where connections are proven with a sonde transmitter of pipes over 50mm, also where necessary we can provide a CCTV drainage pipe inspection survey.
We use the latest radio and electromagnetic (EM) equipment including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to help obtain accurate service locations and depths. Using these techniques we can locate conductive and non-conductive services without the need for intrusive or destructive methods ensuring that you avoid cable or utility strikes.
At Tor Drilling Utilities using EM and GPR Methods we are able to locate a wide variety of services including, conductive and non-conductive pipes (Gas, Water, Fuel, Vent and Oil) high and low voltage electric cables (HV and LV), BT Cables, Cable TV cables (CATV), Fibre Optics and Communications cables (COMS) and Traffic Light Cables (TL).
Services we can provide

  • Underground utility survey
  • Borehole clearances
  • Utility record pack searches
  • Topographical surveys

Tor Drilling Utilities are able to provide surveys for a vast array of the public and private sectors including the Construction, Industrial and Commercial industries, Fresh and Waste Water, Drainage, Regeneration and Redevelopment Sites, City Centre Locations, Petrol Station redevelopment, Environmental, Schools, Hospitals, London Underground, National Grid and Network Rail.